I was totally happy with the work done on my Scamp Trailer. Igor and Fung are so serving and thorough are both quality of work and customer service. If you need anything done on your trailer or RV this is the place to come! ~ Iris Lambert

I thought they were great! Friendly customer service. Went above and beyond with helping me get warranty work done on my water damaged 2021 Winnebago Solis. I couldn't get an appointment with a Winnebago dealer since I bought my van in Illinois and so Igor worked with Winnebago and their service dept to get the job done. Can't say enough good about Fin Coachworks. ~ Mary Robinson

These folks are real stars in the RV world. Please meet Igor and Fung.
Six years and 70,000 miles in my Itasca Navion have taught me that it is very hard to get work done on the RV “house” - plumbing, electrical,, fittings, etc. Getting good work, well done, on time, is almost impossible. Two months waiting for an appointment and then two more months waiting to get my RV back, with a sloppy repair or none at all, were my typical experiences before.
So I am thrilled to have met Igor and Fung. I called on Monday about an obscure fresh water leak. Fung booked me for Tuesday - the very next day! When I arrived Igor was ready to get to work immediately; no long chats with a service manager about making a “guess-timate". Wow, how refreshing and different from every other repair in my thick maintenance file.
Igor launched a thorough inspection of very awkward and inaccessible plumbing around my water pump. Winnebago seemed to have designed this model with no maintenance in mind, but Igor quickly found ingenious ways to pinpoint the leak - one connection jigged loose. He also confirmed that there had been other leaks, no longer of concern, in the distant past.
All of this Igor performed systematically, efficiently, neatly, with articulate running commentary which gave me complete confidence in my repaired plumbing and even more confidence in Igor as a resource of rare value. If you need work done on your RV and you want it to be done promptly, thoroughly, correctly, at a very fair price, then go see Igor and Fung. You will end up with a better RV and new friends for life. ~ Duncan Dwelle

Igor was exceptionally personable and helpful from our first call to him through the completion of the work on our Leisure Travel Van. Although they were scheduled out, he offered to fit our warranty recalls and door issues in on a weekend morning. He did fantastic work, knowledgeable, efficient and fairly priced. We would not hesitate to recommend him. ~ Karen Kael

My experience working with Igor was top notch and I found his approach to service remarkable. I had trouble with my propane water heater and called. He had me in the same day to look at it!
After inspecting the heater and asking thorough diagnostic question he proceeded to carefully and patiently explain possible problems and offered and discussed several approached to work a remedy. The next day I was back for diagnostic testing and inspection. Upon review Igor proposed several solutions and discussed possible advantages of each. His primary concern was making sure I understood my options and that I was getting the service I wanted. As soon as the parts arrived my coach was repaired. Excellent work and professional caring service. No dropping it off and getting a call when its done. I was included in all time lines and decisions. Prompt excellent service. I'll be back and will definitely refer friends to this shop. ~ Phillip Becklund

What a gem of a family business. Igor went through my propane system and I feel much safer running my fridge now. The outside vent had a metal plate that was covering the air intake and there was a lot of carbon buildup. He fixed the vent and checked for leaks. I was hoping he had a long narrow vacuum to suck out the intake and outtake hoses, but no go. After I buy new propane and carbon monoxide monitors to replace the 28-year-old factory installs, I’ll be at ease hitting the road again. Igor is one of those types of people that sees what needs to be done and just does it. He looked up at all my dome lights, half of which were missing covers, and said those bulbs are inefficient. Let me get you some LEDs and the next thing I know he’s swapping out all the lights and putting covers on the four that were missing. I spotted a Coleman Mach rooftop AC cover in the yard.(!!!) I pointed to it and asked if it was for sale. He said it was garbage and that I could have it. I’ve literally been looking for months for a used cover to replace my damaged one that flew off on a South Dakota highway. He even hopped up onto the roof and was going to install it for me but it’s slightly too tall. I can cut it down to fit. His last gift of generosity was to point out all the things on the roof that need to be sealed and gave me technique tips. I was overwhelmed by his kindness and thoughtfulness. Go to Igor for all your RV needs. He’s fair, honest, knowledgeable and extremely capable. His wife and little boy are gems, too. We all exchanged bear hugs before saying goodbye. ~ Dana Kay